We Didn't just follow the path.
we created it.
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We Didn't Just Follow The Path... We Created It!


Back in year 2000, a group of visionary entrepreneurs embarked on carving the path into advertising in a region filled with instability, yet with great growth potential. 
During the following 18 years, our path crossed with more than 100 satisfied client, more than 500 successful campaigns. Our team grew from 4 to 40, and our billing double on yearly basis throughout these passing two decades.
The path was never easy, and it is still unfinished, but we chose to go there because it is hard not because it is easy.

Creative Campaign Design
Media Planning & Buying
Social Media
Events and Activations
Our Services
We are a full-fledged advertising agency. Clients come to us to create their campaigns from scratch up till the wide scale announcements on advertising media.

We research your service and dig deep into your potential consumer, analyze your competition and then create your unique brand name and develop your beautiful visual brand identity. Our company conceived and created over 180 brands in the region, all of them were highly received and properly acclaimed.

Creative Campaign Design

Clients come to us when they want to sell their products. And our company is widely famous for moving stock and helping clients sell their product/service/ideas. Our team of strategists start by analyzing your current strategy, they look for opportunities, identify unique selling points and pinpoint your strength points. Then our super creative talents sit together to conceive and create a full 360-degree campaign that will ensure the success of whatever you are selling. Spanning over 19 years, our company created and designed over 500 campaign throughout during its presence in the region. All these campaigns were approved and endorsed by our clients, and we maintained a satisfaction ratio of almost 95% with our clients. 

Media Planning & Buying

Developing a good and robust communication concept is not enough to achieve targets or reach your audience at the right time in the right place. You need to have enough tools and experience to identify the optimal channels for communicating your concept and to achieve this reach within your set budget and at the most efficient return possible. The planner should be aware of each working media in the country, and its followers’ profile, and its performance within the target audience. He will then move into appropriating the available budgets to each media and assigning weight and density for each channel. Apart from our experience, we were mandated to use planning tools that are gold-Standard for any media agency. To name few of these tools: STATEX by IPSOS, OPTIVI by IPSOS, PANELs by IPSOS.

Social Media

The disruption of social media marketing was huge on traditional media. And those who could not adopt, were simply left out of the game. terms like AdSense, AdWords, Boosting, Likers, Followers, Impressions, Engagements and many other were all new to both our client and our staff. We had to plug young talents within our team, and we had to work very hard to gain knowledge on this new powerful media tool that came out of suddenly and change the entire game. We managed so far to run more than 50 campaigns on social media for different brands. And all our post-campaign numbers showed great success and excellent efficiently.

Events and Activations

It is crucial to engulf your consumer by you brand experience, any message you deliver to him by TV, radio or social media, should be complimented by hands-on experience. He should follow your launch event on his Instagram, he must touch and feel your brand in the mall, he must engage and play with your brand at the shop. He should relate you to his favorite Celebrity star. Our team have conceived and executed an excess of 100 events during these 2 decades. Be it an exhibition, mall activation, showroom opening, launch event, anniversary party, product launch, test drive, hands on, etc.

Our Work
Awarencess Campaign
Social Media Campaign
Lay's Event
Event Management & Branding
Activation during World Cup 2023
Our Team
Adnan Tarabishy
Managing Director
Manaf Bilal
Deputy Managing Director
Sarah Hassan
Media Director
Fadi Barakat
Country Manager
Samah Daadush
Finance Director
Nada Shalash
Senior Accountant
Elissa Matari
Social Media Specialist
Mohammad Kahwaji
Account Manager
Salar Jalal
Public Relations
Farah Akel
Account Manager
Muhammad Jabr
Creative Director